Why retreats?

In the old days, it was only clergy, nuns, monks and a few lay people who “went on retreat”, that is a time of solitude and silence with the purpose of deepening one’s relationship with God..

Nowadays, all over the world, this is changing. People from all walks of life are searching for this deepening of their spiritual life. This search is quite often experienced as a restlessness, a deep longing, sometimes even an uncomfortable feeling that come to you as an invitation from God to “go on a retreat”.

So, women and men, old and young, lay or ordained, of all denominations, ages and stages are drawing aside for a few days of relative silence, to make their retreat with God…to be refreshed by the mystery of His healing presence and the overwhelming surprise His unconditional love for ordinary human beings.

Of course, a retreat does not end here. It is not just a time of rest or an escape from the worries of everyday life, although sometimes this is a very important part. Rather, on a retreat one is able to engage more deeply with God, oneself and others, so that renewed by Him, we emerge, able to engage more deeply with the problems and challenges of relationships and society at large!

Questions one should ask

If you have never been on a retreat before and are noticing a sense of interest in them, you might find answering these questions useful:

  • Would you like to deepen your relationship with God, but feel a little “stuck”?
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to pray?
  • Would you like to know more about different ways of praying?
  • Do you need help working out how God is calling you?
  • Do you need to become still long enough to allow God to refresh you with His healing presence and the power of His love?
  • Do you long for some peace and quiet to think and pray, and then to talk to someone skilled in listening?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, God might be inviting you to go on a retreat.

What is on offer?

The Centre for Christian Spirituality doesn’t currently offer retreats ourselves whether that be silent, thematic, and individually directed. Please contact the Retreat Centres in your area listed below directly for a short weekend retreat, lasting from Friday late afternoon till Sunday after lunch, as a good place to start.

Some of the Retreat Centres are situated in the most scenic surroundings in the Cape area and offer you the opportunity of walking and relaxing in nature while on retreat.

The Retreat Centres used are well equipped with individual rooms and meals can be arranged at some Retreat Centres. Please contact them for more details.

Keep an eye on our communications to be notified regarding other upcoming events.

Please consult the Centres listed below directly in order for you to make inquiries about possibilities:


1) Schoenstatt Retreat Centre, Constantia, Cape Town: 021 794 3132
2) Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch: 021 880 0242
3) Goedgedacht Retreat Centre, Riebeeksrivier: 022 482 4369
4) Riversong Cottage, Villiersdorp: 028 840 0841 -Contact: Chris Young
5) Volmoed, Hermanus: 087 550 1874
6) Hermitage Cottage, The Grail Centre, Kleinmond: 028 271 3410
7) Temenos Country Retreat, McGregor: 023 625 1871
8) Retreat by the Sea, Glencairn: 021 786 1947-Contact: Rosemary Kearney

9) Jesuit Institute, Johannesburg: 011 482 4237

10) Umariya Umama Wethemba Monastery: 046 622 8111

11) Marianhill Retreat House, Marianhill: 031 700 2155 / 2890


For more information, please contact us at +27 (0)21 939 3943, or e-mail