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“I Encountered God!” : The Spiritual Exercises with the Gospel of Saint JohnStanley, David M., S.j.Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian19861
A Bed by the Window: A Novel of Mystery and RedemptionPeck, M. ScottPsychology19901
A Catholic Prayer BookHollings, MichaelPrayer1976
A Christian’s Guide to Growing OldParsons, MartinAging, Missing books, Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral19661
A Commentary on St. Ignatius’ Rules for the Discernment of SpiritsToner, Jules J., S.J.Discernment, Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1982
A Community Called Taize: A Story of Prayer, Worship and ReconciliationSantos, Jason BrianTaize2008
A Condition of Complete Simplicity : Franciscan Wisdom for Today’s WorldWilliams, Rowan ClareSpirituality - Franciscan20031
A Cry for Mercy: Prayers from the GeneseeNouwen, Henri J.M.Prayer19831
A Deeper Love : An Introduction to Centering PayerSmith, Elizabeth and Chalmers, Joseph O.Carm.Prayer19991
A Dictionary of Christian SpiritualityWakefield, Gordon S. (ed.)Spirituality19831
A Doctor’s Case Book in the Light of the BibleTournier, PaulPsychology1966
A Fabulous Gift: Inspirations on Silence and SolitudeCampbell, EileenMeditation1994
A Flower of the DesertCassant, JosephBiography1933
A Gift for GodTeresa of Calcutta, MotherBiography19751
A God who looks like me: discovering a woman-affirming spiritualityReilly, Patricia LynnFeminist Spirituality19951
A Good Place to Be: On Thirty Years at Cape Town CathedralKing, Edward L., DeanBiography19961
A Hidden Fire: Exploring the Deeper Reaches of PrayerRamon, Brother, S.S.F.Prayer1985
A History of Christianity (2 discs)Mac Culloch, DiarmaidChurch / Church HistoryDVD
A Lever and a Place to Stand: The Contemplative Stance, The Active PrayerRohr, RichardContemplation, Spirituality2011
A Life-Giving Way: A Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedictde Waal, EstherFormation, Spirituality, Spirituality - Benedictine1995
A Merton CelebrationMerton, ThomasContemplation, PoetryBook19811
A Merton Concelebration: tributes from friends of the poet monkPatnaik, Deba PrasadPoetry1981
A Mind Awake: An Anthology of C.S. LewisLewis, C.S.TheologyBook19681
A New Kind of Christian: A Tale of Two Friends on a Spiritual JourneyMcLaren, Brian D.Spirituality2001
A Place for YouTournier, PaulPastoral Spirituality, Psychology, Spirituality - Pastoral1968
A Practical Guide to Spiritual ReadingMuto, Susan AnnetteFormation19762
A Reason to Live! A Reason to Die!Powell, JohnSpirituality1972
A School of Love: The Cistercian Way to HolinessPennington, Basil M.Formation, Spirituality2000
A Secret of Staying in LovePowell, John, S.J.Psychology1974
A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy LifeLaw, WilliamFormation19551
A Severe MercyVanauken, SheldonBiography19773
A Short and Easy Method of PrayerGuyon, Madame J.M.B. de la MottePrayer
A Short Life of St. Ignatius of LoyolaAstrain, AntonioBiography1928
A Simple PathTeresa, MotherSpirituality19951
A Southern African Guide to World Religionsde Gruchy, John and Prozesky, Martin, (eds.)Religion1991
A Spiritual Formation Workbook: Small Group Resources for Nurturing Christian GrowthSmith, James BryanFormation19912
A Spirituality Named Compassion and the Healing of the Global Village, Humpty Dumpty and UsFox, MatthewSocial Commentary1979
A Stranger to Self Hatred: A Glimpse of JesusManning, BrennanBiography, Spirituality1982
A Taste of Silence: Centering Prayer and the Contemplative JourneyArico, Carl J.Contemplation, Prayer2002
A theology of liberation: History, politics and salvationGutierrez, GustavoLiberation Theology, Theology - LiberationBook19741
A Thirst for God: Daily Readings with St. Francis de SalesHollings, Michael, (ed.)Spiritual Classics1985
A Thirst for God: Spiritual Desire in Bernard of Clairvaux’s Sermons on the Song of SongsCasey, MichaelMysticism, Preaching1987
A Touch of God: Eight Monastic JourneysBoulding, Maria, (ed.)Benedictine Spirituality, Spiritual Direction, Spirituality - BenedictineBook19821
A Tournier CompanionTournier, PaulPastoral Spirituality, Psychology, Spirituality - Pastoral1976
A Transforming Vision: Suffering and Glory in God’s WorldMartin, JohnChurch / Church History1993
A Transforming Vision: Suffering and Glory in God’s World: The Official Report of the Joint Meeting of the Primates of the Anglican Communion and the Anglican Consultative CouncilMartin, JohnChurch / Church History19931
A Tree Full of Angels : Seeing the Holy in the OrdinaryWiederkehr, MacrinaBenedictine Spirituality, Spirituality, Spirituality - Benedictine19901
A Vacation with the Lord: A Personal Directed Retreat with Thomas H. Green, S.J.Green, Thomas H., S.J.Missing books, Spiritual Direction19861
A Vision to Pursue: Beyond the Crisis in ChristianityWard, KeithTheology1991
A Winter and WarmCreaven, Fintan, S.J.Poetry
A World Made Whole: Rediscovering the Celtic Traditionde Waal, EstherCeltic Spirituality, Missing books, Spirituality - Celtic19911
A World Waiting to be Born: The Search for CivilityPeck, M. ScottPsychology19931
Abandonment to Divine Providencede Caussade, Jean-Pierre, S.J.Mysticism, Spiritual Classics19753
Absolute Surrender: How to walk in perfect peace with GodMurray, AndrewSpirituality20031
According to the ScripturesDodd, C.H.Biblical Commentary19521
Act and BeingBonhoeffer, DietrichTheology1962
Adam’s Return: The Five Promises of Male InitiationRohr, RichardMale Spirituality2004
Adam: God’s BelovedNouwen, Henri J.M.Spirituality19971
Addiction And GraceMay, Gerald G.Psychology, Spirituality1988
Adventure Inward: Christian Growth Through Personal Journal WritingKelsey, MortonJournaling, Missing books, Spirituality19801
African Masculinities: Men in Africa from the Late Nineteenth Century to the PresentOuzgane, Lahoucine and Morrell, Robert, (ed.)Male Spirituality2005
After the LocustsAckerman, Denise M.Essays and Letters, Spirituality20031
AgingNouwen, Henri J.M.Aging, Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral19761
Albert and Thomas: Selected Writings (by Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas)Tugwell, SimonBiography, Spirituality19881
All … is harvestCabra Dominican Sisters: Celebrating 150 years of Cabra Dominican Sisters in South Africa 1983 to 2013Church / Church History20131
All about angelsSulavik, AndrewSpiritualityBook19991
Alone with the Alone: An eight-day RetreatMaloney, George, SJIgnatian Spirituality, Prayer, Spirituality - Ignatian1982
An African Prayer BookTutu, DesmondMissing books, Prayer19951
An Enneagram Guide: A Spirituality of Love in BrokennessBergin, Eilis PBVM & Fitzgerald, EddieEnneagram, Personality Typing1993
An Interrupted Life: The Diaries and Letters of Etty Hillesum 1941-1943Hillesum, EttyBiography, SpiritualityBookReview Click to view19961
An Introduction to Celtic SpiritualityMackey, James PCeltic Spirituality, Spirituality - Celtic1995
Ancient Tales for Modern Times : Reflections on Abraham and his ChildrenVan der Merwe, Chris N.Biblical Commentary20081
And If It’s TrueVady, PeterMissing books, Spirituality19881
And If It’s True?Vardy, PeterFormation1988
Anglican SpiritualityWolf, William J.Spirituality1982
Apocrypha: The Revised VersionBibleBible
Approaches to Spiritual DirectionLong, AnneSpiritual Direction19842
AquinasCoppleston, F.C.BiographyBook19551
Archbishop Romero: Memories and ReflectionsSobrino, JonBiography, Liberation Theology, Theology - Liberation1990
Are You Running with Me Jesus: Prayers by Malcolm BoydBoyd, MalcolmPrayer1965
As Bread That Is Brokenvan Breeman, Peter G., S.J.Formation1974
As It Is Heaven (Film)Pollak, Kay, (dir.)SpiritualityDVD
Ascent to Love: The Spiritual Teaching of St. John of the CrossBurrows, RuthMysticism1987
Ashes Transformed: Healing from Trauma: 43 Stories from FaithNorberg, TildaHealing2002
At the Fountain of Elijah: The Carmelite TraditionMcGreal, Wilfrid, O. CarmelSpirituality - Carmelite19991
Audacity to BelieveCassidy, SheilaBiography1977
AugustineChadwick, HenryBiography1986
Augustine of Hippo: A BiographyBrown, PeterBiography1967
Autobiography of a SaintTherese of LisieuxBiography, Missing books19581
Baba: Men and Fatherhood in South AfricaRichter, Linda and Morrell, RobertMale Spirituality2006
Basic Income for All: A Christian Social PolicyTorry, MalcolmSocial Commentary1988
Beauty of the Beloved: A Henri J.M. Nouwen AnthologyNouwen, Henri J.M.Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - PastoralReview Click to view19991
Because of Her Testimony: The World in Female ExperienceThurston, AnneFeminist Spirituality1995
Becoming a Creative Local Church: Theological Reflections on the Pastoral Plan: A Project Commissioned by the Catholic Theological Society of Southern AfricaHartin, Patrick J., Connor, Bernard F., Decock, Paul B., (eds.)Church / Church History, Missing books19911
Becoming Adult, Becoming Christian: Adult Development and Christian FaithFowler, James W.Formation1984
Becoming HumanVanier, JeanPastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral2003
Becoming human: The eucharist & other poemsCommin, BobLiturgy, PoetryBook19991
Before the Living GodBurrows, RuthPrayer1975
Befriending our DesiresSheldrake, PhilipSpirituality1994
Behind That Wall: An Introductory to Some Classics of the Spiritual LifePeers, E. AllisonSpiritual Classics1967
Being Human: Confessions of a Christian Humanistde Gruchy, John W.Missing books, Spirituality20061
Being In Love: The Practice of Christian PrayerJohnston, WilliamMysticism1988
Being Present to God: Letters on PrayerCaffarel, HenriEssays and Letters, Prayer1983
Benedictus: A Book of BlessingsO'Donohue, JohnCeltic Spirituality, Prayer, Spirituality - Celtic2007
BernadetteRavier, Andre, S.J.Biography1979
Bernard of Clairvaux: Selected WorksBernard of Clairvaux, ed. Evans, G.R.Biography, Spirituality19871
Between Christ and Caesar: Classic and Contemporary Texts on Church and StateVilla-Vicencio, CharlesChurch / Church History, Theology1986
Between Man & ManBuber, MartinPhilosophy, Theology1961
Beyers Naude: Pilgrimage of FaithRyan, ColleenBiography19902
Beyond Anger: On Being a Feminist in the ChurchOsiek, CarolynFeminist Spirituality, Theology - Feminist1986
Beyond FearKnighton-Fitt, JeanBiographyBook20031
Beyond Patching: Faith and Feminism in the Catholic ChurchSchneiders, SandraChurch / Church History, Feminist Spirituality1991
Bible Themes: A Source Book – Vol. 1Maertens, T.Biblical Commentary1970
Bible Themes: A Source Book – Vol. 2Maertens, T.Biblical Commentary1968
Biblical Hermeneutics and Black Theology in South AfricaMosala, I.J.Biblical Commentary, Theology - African1989
Biblical Hermeneutics of Liberation: Modes of Reading the Bible in the South African ContextWest, Gerald O.Biblical Commentary, Liberation Theology, Theology - Liberation1991
Biblical Spirituality: Lecture Notes for Annual Faith and Life CourseNolan, AlbertSpirituality19862
Birth: A Guide for PrayerBergan, Jacqueline Syrup & Schwan, S. MariePrayer1985
Blessings that make us be: A formative approach to living the beatitudesMuto, Susan AnnetteFormation19821
Boetman en die swanesang van die verligtesLouw, ChrisSocial Commentary, South Africa, South African HistoryBook20011
BonaventureCousins, EwertBiography1978
Book of Divine Works: With Letters and SongsHildegard of BingenMysticism19871
Both Alike to Thee: The Retrieval of the Mystical WayMatthews, MelvinMysticism, Theology2000
Bread in the WildernessMerton, ThomasPrayer1953
Bread not Stone: The Challenge of Biblical Feminist InterpretationFiorenza, Elizabeth SchusslerFeminist Spirituality1984
Break the Silence BarrierFourie, MargaretListening1997
Breaking and Mending : Divorce and God’s GraceRedding, Mary LouPastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral19981
Broadcast TalksLewis, C.S.Missing books, Theology19421
Broken hearts and new creations: Intimations of a great reversalAlison, JamesSpirituality, Theology20101
Broken Strings: The Politics of Poetry in South AfricaFinn, S. and Gray, R.Poetry1992
Brothers of Men: Letters to the Petit FreresVoillaume, ReneEssays and Letters, Spirituality1966
Bury Me in My BootsTrench, SallyBiography1968
But when you are older…: Reflections on coming of ageBurt, Donald X.AgingBook19921
C.S. Lewis: A BiographyGreen, Roger Lancelyn and Hooper, WalterBiography1974
C.S. Lewis: Mere ChristianLindskoog, Kathryn AnnBiographyBook19731
Call to Life, Call to LoveNouwen, Henri J.M.Spirituality1997
Call to Love: Meditationsde Mello, Anthony, S.J.Mysticism, Prayer1951
Called By Namevan Breeman, Peter G., S.J.Formation1976
Called by Name: Discovering Your Unique Purpose in LifeFurey, Robert J.Psychology1996
Called to be Angels: An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon SpiritualityDales, DouglasSpirituality1998
Called to Share in HIS Life: Introduction to a contemplative way of life and the Jesus prayer (A Retreat)Jalics, Franz S.J.ContemplationBook20041
Can You Drink The Cup?Nouwen, Henri J.M.Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral, Suffering19961
Care of Mind Care of Spirit: A Psychiatrist Explores Spiritual DirectionMay, Gerald G.Spiritual Direction19823
Care of the Soul: How to Add Depth and Meaning to Your Everyday LifeMoore, ThomasPsychology, Spirituality19921
Caring Enough to Hear and be HeardAugsburger, DavidListening1982
Caring: How Can We Love One AnotherKelsey, Morton T.Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral1981
Carmelite Studies: Carmel and Contemplation: Transforming Human ConsciousnessCulligan, Kevin, O.C.D & Jordan, Regis, O.C.D, (ed.)Contemplation, Missing books, Spirituality - Carmelite20001
Celebrating the DisciplinesFoster, Richard and Yanni, KathrynPrayer, Spirituality1992
Celebration of DisciplineFoster, RichardFormation1978
Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual GrowthFoster, Richard J.Formation1978
Centering Prayer : Renewing an Ancient Christian Prayer FormPennington, BasilContemplation, Prayer19801
Centering Prayer and Inner AwakeningBourgeault, CynthiaContemplation, Prayer2004
Centering Prayer for the Younger GenerationYoung, WinniePrayer19952
Challenge: A Meditation Program Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. IgnatiusLink, MarkIgnatian Spirituality, Meditation, Spirituality - Ignatian1988
Change and Challenge: Essays Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Arrival of Robert Gray as First Bishop of Cape Town (20 February 1848)Suggit, John and Goedhals, MandyChurch / Church History1998
Changing Men in Southern AfricaMorrell, Robert, (ed.)Male Spirituality2001
Charles de FoucauldHillyer, PhillipBiography, MysticismBook19901
Children and DyingSheets, SarahPastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral19731
Choosing Christ in the World: Directing the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola According to Annotations 18 and 19: A HandbookTetlow, Joseph A, S.J.Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1989
Choosing LifeEnglish, John, S.J.Psychology1978
Christ in All Things: Exploring Spirituality With Teilhard de ChardinKing, UrsulaIgnatian Spirituality, Mysticism, Spirituality - IgnatianReview Click to view19971
Christ in the Thought of Teilhard de ChardinBravo, FranciscoSpirituality1967
Christ our Mother : Julian of NorwichPelphrey, BrantBiography, Mysticism19891
Christian Belief: A Short Exposition of the Apostles’ CreedMalden, R.H.Theology1946
Christian Celebration: The SacramentsCrichton, J.D.Spirituality - Sacramental1973
Christian Ethics: A Case Method ApproachStivers, Robert L., Gudorf, Christine E., Evans, Alice Frazer & Evans, Robert A.Theology1989
Christian HopeMacQuarrie, JohnTheology1978
Christian Martyrs for a Muslim PeopleMcGee, Martin, O.S.B.Church / Church HistoryBook20081
Christian Mysticism TodayJohnston, WilliamMysticism1984
Christian Spirituality I: Origins to the twelfth centuryMcGinn, Bernard and Meyendorff, John (ed.) (CHRISTIAN)Church / Church History, SpiritualityBook19852
Christian Spirituality II: High Middle Ages and ReformationRaitt, Jill (ed.) (CHRISTIAN)Church / Church History, SpiritualityBook19872
Christian Spirituality III: Post-Reformation and ModernDupre, Louis and Saliers, Don E. (ed.) (CHRISTIAN)Church / Church History, SpiritualityBook19892
Christian Spirituality in South AfricaKourie, Celia and Kretzschmar, Louise (ed.)SpiritualityBook20001
Christian Spirituality: Lectures 11-18Theological Education by Extension CollegeSpirituality1987
Christian Spirituality: Lectures 19-29Theological Education by Extension CollegeSpirituality1989
Christian Spirituality: Lectures 30-38Theological Education by Extension CollegeSpirituality1988
Christian Spirituality: The Essential Guide to the Most Influential Writings of the Christian TraditionMagill, Frank N., (ed.)Spirituality1988
Christianity in South Africa: A Political, Social and Cultural HistoryElphinck, Richard & Davenport, Rodney, (eds.)South African History, Spirituality - African, Theology - African19971
Christianity: Its Essence and HistoryKung, HansChurch / Church History1994
Christmas: God Becomes Man in Black AfricaBujo, BenezetSpirituality - African, Theology, Theology - African19951
Christo-PsychologyKelsey, Morton T.PsychologyBook19821
Circles of Love: Daily ReadingsNouwen, Henri J.M.Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral2
Clare of AssisiBartoli, MarcoBiography1993
Climate Change: A Challenge to the Churches in South AfricaSouth African Council of ChurchesSpirituality - Ecology2009
Closer Than a Brother: A reinterpretation of Practising the Presence of God by Brother LawrenceWinter, David (LAWRENCE)Contemplation, Mysticism19711
Clowning in Rome: Reflections on Solitude, Celibacy, Prayer and ContemplationNouwen, Henri J.M.Spirituality19791
Collaboration: Uniting Our Gifts in MinistrySofield, Loughlan, S.T. and Juliano, Carroll, SHCJChurch / Church History2000
Collected Papers of Evelyn UnderhillUnderhill, EvelynMysticism19461
Come down, Zacchaeus: Spirituality and the laityGreen, Thomas H., S.J.SpiritualityBook19882
Come Holy SpiritBarth, Karl & Thurneysen, EduardCharismatic1978
Comfortable Compassion? : Poverty, Power and the ChurchElliott, CharlesSocial Commentary1987
Coming in GloryIsrael, MartinTheology1986
Common Journey, Different Paths: Spiritual Direction in Cross Cultural PerspectiveRakoczy, Susan, I.H.M., (ed.)Spiritual Direction1992
Communities: Stories of Christian communities in EuropeHinton, JeanneCommunityBook19931
Community and GrowthVanier, JeanCommunity19792
Community and Growth: Our Pilgrimage TogetherVanier, JeanCommunity1979
Compassion: A Reflection on the Christian LifeNouwen, Henri J.M.Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral19661
Concepts of God in AfricaMbiti, John S.Spirituality - African, Theology - African1970
Conduits to Christian Contemplative PrayerYoung, WinnieContemplation, Prayer19952
Conemara BluesO'Donohue, JohnCeltic Spirituality, Poetry, Spirituality - Celtic2000
ConfessionsAugustine, St.Biography, Spiritual Classics1961
Conflict and Communion: Reconciliation and Restorative Justice at Christ’s Table(Multiple authors)Liturgy, Reconciliation19891
Consciousness ExamenAschenbrenner, George A., S.J.Ignatian Spirituality, Prayer, Spirituality - Ignatian1972
Consider Your Call: A Theology of Monastic Life TodayRees, Daniel, and OthersCommunity1978
Contemplating JesusAschenbrenner, George A., S.J.Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1975
Contemplating NowFurlong, MonicaContemplation, Prayer1971
Contemplation and the Critique of SocietyLangford, MichaelContemplation, Missing books, Social Commentary19781
Contemplation in ActionRohr, RichardContemplation, Missing books, Spirituality20061
Contemplative Meditation for All: How to Do ItMatthew, Father D.Meditation1979
Contemplative PrayerMerton, ThomasContemplation, Prayer1973
Contemporary Reading of the Spiritual ExercisesFleming, David L.Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1976
Coping With StressBurns, RobertPsychology1988
Counseling MenCulbertson, Philip L.Male Spirituality1994
Country of my SkullKrog, AntjieBiography, South African HistoryBook19981
Courageous Spirits: Voices from Women in MinistryCourageous SpiritsFeminist Spirituality2005
Creation and TemptationBonhoeffer, DietrichTheology1966
Creative MinistryNouwen, Henri J.M.Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral19782
Creative Spirituality: Remedy for a World in CrisisCarrick, IanSocial Commentary19932
Creative SufferingTournier, PaulSuffering1981
Cross Purposes: Meditations and Prayers Based on Meals with JesusAskew, EddieMeditation, Prayer1995
Crossing the Threshold of HopeJohn Paul II (JOHN)Missing books, Theology19941
Crudden’s Complete Concordance to the Old and New TestamentsCrudden, AlexanderBible, Missing books19301
Cry Love, Cry Hope: Responding to AidsKirkpatrick, Bill (ed.)Pastoral Spirituality, Social Commentary, Spirituality - Pastoral19941
Cry of the spirit: Christian testimonies from the Soviet UnionGoricheva, TatianaBiography, Essays and LettersBook19891
Cry of Wonder: Our own real identityHughes, Gerard W.Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - IgnatianBookReview Click to view20141
Cycles of AffirmationDominian, JackPsychology1975
Dance to the Music of the Spirit: The Art of DiscernmentLonsdale, David, S.J.Discernment, Spiritual Direction1992
Dark night of the soul translated and edited by Allison PeersJohn of the Cross, St. (JOHN)Mysticism19591
Darkness in the Market Place: The Christian at Prayer in the WorldGreen, Thomas H., S.J.Discernment, Spirituality1981
Dear and Glorious PhysicianCaldwell, TaylorFiction1959
Dear Heart, Come Home: The Path of Midlife SpiritualityRupp, JoyceAging, Spirituality19981
Decision: A Meditation Program Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. IgnatiusLink, MarkIgnatian Spirituality, Meditation, Spirituality - Ignatian19882
Denial of the Soul : Euthanasia and MortalityPeck, M. ScottPsychology19971
Depression and the Integrated Life: A Christian Understanding of Sadness and Inner SufferingBerg, Richard F., C.S.C. & Mc Cartney, ChristinePsychology, Suffering1981
Depression: The Way Out of Your PrisonRowe, DorothyHealing, Missing books, Psychology19831
Depth Psychology and Religious BeliefBryant, ChristopherPsychology1987
Design for Wholeness: Dealing with Anger, Learning to Forgive, Building Self-EsteemSofield, Juliano HammettHealing1990
Desire for God: A Study of Three Spiritual ClassicsWyon, OliveSpiritual Classics1966
Desiring Life : Benedict on Wisdom and the Good LifeVest, NorveneBenedictine Spirituality20001
Devotional Classics: Selected Readings for Individuals and GroupsFoster, Richard, (ed.)Spirituality19932
Die Pastorale Behoeftes en ervarings van Afrikaanssprekende gelowiges binne die Gereformeerde Tradisie wat betrokke raak by Kontemplatiewe SpiritualiteitVan der Merwe, Hester MariaTheology2008
Die Pelgrim Se Reis Na Die EwigheidBunyan, JohnSpiritual Classics1945
Directory of the BibleMcKenzie, JohnBible, Missing books19721
Discernment in Prayer: Paying Attention to GodBarry, William A., S.J.Discernment, Prayer1990
Discernment: A Path to Spiritual AwakeningDougherty, Rose MaryDiscernment, Missing books20091
Discover Your Spiritual Type: A Guise to Individual and Congregational GrowthWare, CorinnePersonality Typing1995
Discovering God: A Selection of Sermons by Edward KingKing, EdwardPreaching19882
Discovering the Royal Child Within: A Spiritual Psychology of The Little PrinceDrewermann, EugenPsychology, Spirituality1993
Distant MusicKing, EdwardBiography19971
Divine Beauty: The Invisible EmbraceO'Donohue, JohnCeltic Spirituality, Spirituality - Celtic2004
Divine Duality: The power of reconciliation between women and menKeepin, William, Ph.D.Male Spirituality, Reconciliation, SexualityBook20071
Divorce: One Woman’s ViewFurlong, MonicaSocial Commentary1981
Do Not FearValles, CarlosPsychology1995
Does God Speak TodayPytches, DavidCharismatic1989
Doing Ethics in Context : South African PerspectivesVilla-Vicencio, Charles and De Gruchy, John W. (ed.)Ethics19941
Dom Helder: A Thousand Reasons for LivingCamara, H.Poetry1981
Doors of Perception: Icons and Their Spiritual SignificanceBaggley, JohnIconography1987
Downward mobility: Social implications of St Ignatius’s two standardsBrackley, Dean, S.J.Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - IgnatianBook19881
DreamsKelsey, Morton T.Dreams1978
Dreams and HealingSanford, John A.Dreams, Healing, Psychology1978
Dreams: A Way to Listen to GodKelsey, MortonDreams1978
Dreams: God’s Forgotten LanguageSanford, John A.Dreams, Jungian Psychology1968
Drinking from a Dry WellGreen, Thomas H., S.J.Missing books, Spirituality19911
Dying We Live: The Final Messages and Records of Some Germans Who Defied HitlerKuhn, Kathe (ed.)Spirituality19561
Ecclesiogenesis: The Base Communities Reinvent the ChurchBoff, LeonardoChurch / Church History1982
Eighth Day of Creation: Gifts and CreativityO'Connor, ElizabethArt1971
Elected Silence: The Autobiography of Thomas MertonMerton, ThomasBiography, Spiritual Classics19492
Embodying Forgiveness: A Theological AnalysisJones, L. GregoryForgiveness, TheologyBook19951
Encounter with God: A Theology of Christian ExperienceKelsey, Morton T.Spirituality, Theology1972
Encountering Lightffrench-Beytagh, GonvilleFormation1975
Encountering the DepthsMary Clare, S.L.G., MotherFormation19811
Enfolded in Love: Daily Readings with Julian of NorwichJulian of NorwichMysticism, Spiritual Classics19802
Enough Is EnoughTaylor, John V.Social Commentary1975
Eros and the SacredAvis, PaulSexuality1989
Escape from LonelinessTournier, PaulPastoral Spirituality, Psychology, Spirituality - Pastoral1948
Essays of a Catholic Layman in EnglandBelloc, HiliareBiography1931
Essential WritingsMerton, ThomasContemplation, SpiritualityBook20101
Eternal seasons: a liturgical journey with Henri J M NouwenFord, MichaelPastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - PastoralBook20031
Eternity Now: An Introduction to Orthodox SpiritualityThekla, MotherSpirituality - Orthodox19971
Ethics of World ReligionsHunt, Arnold D.Ethics, ReligionBook19911
Eucharist: Wine of Faith, Bread of LifePennington, BasilLiturgy, Mysticism, Spirituality - Sacramental2000
Exorcism, Deliverance and Healing: Some Pastoral GuidelinesRichards, JohnHealing1976
Expecting the Unexpected: An Advent Devotional GuideMeeks, Blair GilmerMeditation2006
Experiencing JesusWijngaards, John, M.H.M.Spirituality1975
Experiencing the EnneagramRohr, Richard and Ebert, AndreasEnneagram, Personality TypingBook19921
Experiencing the EnneagramRohr, Richard and Ebert, AndreasEnneagram19951
Exploring the Road Less TravelledHoward, Alice and WaldenPsychology1988
Eye to Eye: The Quest for the New ParadigmWilber, KenTheology1983
Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: An Introduction to Ignatian SpiritualityLonsdale, DavidIgnatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian2000
Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: An Introduction to Ignatian SpiritualityLonsdale, David, S.J.Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1990
Facing Fear: The Search for CourageFurey, Robert J.Spirituality19901
Faith & Interfaith in a Global AgeBraybrooke, MarcusSocial Commentary1998
Faith & Sexism: Guidelines for Religious EducatorsSawicki, MariannePsychology1979
Faith and Violence: Christian Teaching and Christian PracticeMerton, ThomasMissing books, Social Commentary, Spirituality19681
Faith in Action: Njongonkulu NdunganeRowland Jones, Sarah, (ed.)Biography20051
Faith in the Face of Empire: The Bible through Palestinian EyesRaheb, MitriLiberation Theology, Religion, Social Commentary, Theology, Theology - LiberationBook20141
Faithfulness in an Age of HolocaustEllis, Marc H.Social Commentary1986
Family Violence: Reclaiming a theology of non-violenceAlbrecht, Elizabeth SotoTheology - Non-violenceBook20081
Fasting Rediscovered: A Guide to Health and Wholeness for your Body-SpiritRyan, ThomasPrayer19812
Fidelity without Fundamentalism: A Dialogue with TraditionHughes, Gerard J., S.J.Philosophy, Spirituality20101
Fiji RevisitedFischer, EdwardBiography1981
Finding Freedom: Becoming the Person God Made Me to BeHuggett, JoyceFormation19941
Finding God in All Things: Praying with St. IgnatiusHebblethwaite, MargaretIgnatian Spirituality, Missing books, Prayer, Spirituality - Ignatian19871
Finding My Way Home: Pathways to Life and SpiritNouwen, Henri J.M.Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral20021
Finding our way again: The return of the ancient practicesBrian McLarenSpiritualityCD20081
Finding Sanctuary: Monastic Steps for Everyday LifeJamison, ChristopherContemplation2006
Fire in the Belly: On Being a ManKeen, SamMale SpiritualityReview Click to view19921
Fire upon the Earth: Interior Castle ExploredBurrows, RuthFormation1981
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