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(Multiple authors)Conflict and Communion: Reconciliation and Restorative Justice at Christ’s TableLiturgy, Reconciliation19891
A Kempis, ThomasOf the Imitation of ChristMysticism, Spiritual Classics19812
A Kempis, ThomasThe Imitation of ChristFormation, Mysticism, Spiritual Classics19634
Abbot, Walter M, S.J.The Documents of Vatican IITheology1966
Abbott, E.S.Invitations to Prayer: Selections from the Writings of Forward Movement PublicationsPrayer1989
Ackerman, Denise M.After the LocustsEssays and Letters, Spirituality20031
Ackerman, Denise, (ed.)Women Hold Up Half the Sky: Women in the Church in Southern AfricaSpirituality - African, Theology - Feminist19912
Adam, DavidThe Edge of Glory: Prayers in the Celtic TraditionCeltic Spirituality, Prayer, Spirituality - Celtic1985
Albom, MitchTuesdays with Morrie: An old man, a young man, and life’s greatest lessonAging, FictionBook19971
Albrecht, Elizabeth SotoFamily Violence: Reclaiming a theology of non-violenceTheology - Non-violenceBook20081
Alison, JamesBroken hearts and new creations: Intimations of a great reversalSpirituality, Theology20101
Allchin, A.M.The World is a WeddingSpirituality1978
Allen, JohnRabble-Rouser for Peace: The Authorised Biography of Desmond TutuBiography, Missing books20061
Allen, RolandMissionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours?Church / Church History1962
Alphonso, Herbert, S.J.The Personal Vocation: Transformation in Depth through the Spiritual ExercisesIgnatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1990
American Bible Society (Bible)The Psalms for Modern ManBible19701
Anderson, Bernhard W.The living world of the Old TestamentBiblical HistoryBook19881
Anderson, Sarah, (ed.)The Virago Book of Spirituality: Of Woman and AngelsWisdom Literature1997
Anonymous, ed. Backhouse, HalcyonThe Cloud of Unknowing: A New ParaphraseMysticism19852
Anonymous, ed. Hodgson, PhyllisThe Cloud of Unknowing & The Book of Privy CounsellingContemplation, Mysticism, Spirituality19441
Anonymous, ed. Johnston, WilliamThe Cloud of Unknowing and The Book of Privy CounselingMysticismBook19731
Anonymous, tr. Wolters, CliftonThe Cloud of Unknowing and Other WorksContemplation, Mysticism19611
Anonymous, tr. Wolters, CliftonThe Cloud of UnknowingContemplation, MysticismBook19611
Appleton, GeorgeThe Human Search with Teilhard de ChardinBiography, Philosophy1979
Appleton, GeorgeThe Way of a DiscipleFormation, Missing booksBook19791
Aquinas, Thomas St.Meditations and Readings for LentLenten Reading, Meditation1937
Arico, Carl J.A Taste of Silence: Centering Prayer and the Contemplative JourneyContemplation, Prayer2002
Armstrong, KarenMuhammed, Prophet for our TimeBiography, Spirituality - Islamic2006
Armstrong, R., (ed.)Francis & Clare: The Complete WorksBiography, Spirituality - Franciscan19821
Arnott, AnneThe Secret Country of C.S. LewisBiography1974
Aschenbrenner, George A., S.J.Consciousness ExamenIgnatian Spirituality, Prayer, Spirituality - Ignatian1972
Aschenbrenner, George A., S.J.Contemplating JesusIgnatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1975
Aschenbrenner, George A., S.J.ForgivenessForgiveness, Ignatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1973
Askew, EddieCross Purposes: Meditations and Prayers Based on Meals with JesusMeditation, Prayer1995
Askew, EddieMany Voices One Voice: Meditations and PrayersMeditation, Prayer1985
Astrain, AntonioA Short Life of St. Ignatius of LoyolaBiography1928
Athanasius, translated by Gregg, Robert C. The Life of Antony and The Letter to MarcellinusBiography, Spirituality, TheologyBook19801
Attwater, DonaldSaints of the EastBiography, Spirituality - Orthodox1938
Augsburger, DavidCaring Enough to Hear and be HeardListening1982
Augustine, St.ConfessionsBiography, Spiritual Classics1961
Augustine, St.The Confessions of St. AugustineBiography, Spiritual Classics1951
Augustine, St.The Heart at Rest: Daily readings with St. Augustine of HippoMeditationBook19861
Augustine, St., tr. Maria BouldingThe ConfessionsBiography, Spiritual ClassicsBook19971
Autton, NormanFrom Fear to Faith: Studies of Suffering and WholenessSpirituality, Suffering1971
Avis, PaulEros and the SacredSexuality1989
Backhouse, Halcyon, (ed.)The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of LoyolaIgnatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian19892
Bacovcin, Helen, (tr.)The Way of a Pilgrim and The Pilgrim Continues His WayPrayer, Spiritual Classics19782
Baggley, JohnDoors of Perception: Icons and Their Spiritual SignificanceIconography1987
Baker, John AustinThe Whole Family of GodPreachingBook19811
Barclay, W.More Prayers for the Plain ManPrayer1962
Barclay, W.The Plain Man’s Book of PrayerPrayer1959
Barclay, WilliamThe Gospel of John Vol. 1/Chapters 1-7 Revised EditionBiblical Commentary1975
Barclay, WilliamThe Letter to the Hebrews Revised EditionBiblical Commentary1976
Barclay, WilliamThe Revelation of John Vol. 1/Chapters 1-5 Revised EditionBiblical Commentary1976
Barclay, WilliamThe Revelation of John Vol. 2/Chapters 6-22 Revised EditionBiblical Commentary1976
Barry, Patrick, O.S.B.St. Benedict and Christianity in EnglandBenedictine Spirituality, Spirituality - Benedictine1995
Barry, William A.Seek My Face: Prayer as Personal Relationship in ScripturePrayer19892
Barry, William A., S.J.Discernment in Prayer: Paying Attention to GodDiscernment, Prayer1990
Barry, William A., S.J. & Connolly, William J., S.J.The Practice of Spiritual DirectionSpiritual Direction19821
Barth, KarlThe Humanity of GodTheology1961
Barth, KarlThe Faith of the Church: A Commentary on the Apostle’s Creed According to Calvin’s CatechismTheology19601
Barth, Karl & Thurneysen, EduardCome Holy SpiritCharismatic1978
Bartoli, MarcoClare of AssisiBiography1993
Basset, B.Guilty, My LordConfession1974
Baum, GregoryThe Credibility of the Church TodayChurch / Church History1968
Bausch, William J.Storytelling: Imagination and FaithStorytelling19841
BBC 2The Monastery (DVD)Community, SpiritualityDVD
Beesing, Maria, O.P., Nogosek, Robert J., C.S.C. & O'Leary, Patrick H., S.J.The Enneagram: A Journey of Self DiscoveryEnneagram, Personality Typing19842
Belloc, HiliareEssays of a Catholic Layman in EnglandBiography1931
Benedictine Monks of St. Meinrad ArchabbeyThe Holy Rule of Our Most Holy Father St. BenedictBenedictine Spirituality, Spirituality - Benedictine1975
Berg, Richard F., C.S.C. & Mc Cartney, ChristineDepression and the Integrated Life: A Christian Understanding of Sadness and Inner SufferingPsychology, Suffering1981
Bergan, Jacqueline Syrup & Schwan, S. MarieBirth: A Guide for PrayerPrayer1985
Bergan, Jacqueline Syrup & Schwan, S. MarieFreedom: A Guide for PrayerPrayer1988
Bergan, Jacqueline Syrup & Schwan, S. MarieLove: A Guide for PrayerPrayer1985
Bergan, Jacqueline Syrup & Schwan, S. MarieForgiveness: A Guide for PrayerPrayer19851
Bergin, Eilis PBVM & Fitzgerald, EddieAn Enneagram Guide: A Spirituality of Love in BrokennessEnneagram, Personality Typing1993
Bernard of ClairvauxSelected WorksBiography, Spirituality19872
Bernard of ClairvauxThe Twelve Steps of Humility and Pride and on Loving GodFormation1985
Bernard of Clairvaux, ed. Evans, G.R.Bernard of Clairvaux: Selected WorksBiography, Spirituality19871
Bernard, SaintOn the Love of GodBiography, Spirituality1961
Bernardot, M.V., O.P.The Eucharist and the TrinityLiturgy, Theology1977
Bernstein, Eleanor, C.S.J., (ed.)Liturgy and Spirituality in Context: Perspectives on Prayer and CultureLiturgy, Spirituality1990
BibleApocrypha: The Revised VersionBible
BibleThe Jerusalem BibleBible1966
BibleThe Jerusalem Bible: Edited by Alexander JonesBible1968
BibleThe New American BibleBible1970
BibleThe New English Bible: New TestamentBible1961
BibleThe New Jerusalem BibleBible1989
BibleThe RSV Handy ConcordanceBiblical Commentary1973
Bierman, JohnRighteous Gentile: The Story of Roaul Wallenberg, Missing Hero of the HolocaustBiography1982
Birmingham, Madeleine & Connolly, William J.Witnessing to the Fire: Spiritual Direction and the Development of Directors: One Center’s ExperienceSpiritual Direction1994
Blaiklock, E.M.The Little Flowers of St. FrancisBiography, Spirituality - Franciscan1985
Blair, Dr Eugene and Carney, Rev. GlandionSankofa Paper No.1: The Sacred World of Black Folks: A Journey in African-American SpiritualitySpirituality20051
Bloom, Anthony, ArchbishopLiving PrayerPrayer19662
Bloom, Anthony, ArchbishopGod and ManTheology19711
Blues, LionelTo Heaven with Scribes and Pharisees: The Lord of Hosts in Surburbia, the Jewish Path to GodSpirituality - Jewish1975
Boase, LeonardThe Prayer of FaithPrayer1976
Bodo, Murray, O.F.M.The Way of St. Francis: The Challenge of Franciscan Spirituality for EveryoneSpirituality - Franciscan1984
Boehme, JacobThe Way to ChristFormation1978
Boesak, AlanWalking on ThornsPreaching1984
Boff, LeonardoEcclesiogenesis: The Base Communities Reinvent the ChurchChurch / Church History1982
Boff, LeonardoSt. Francis: A Model for Human LiberationBiography, Spirituality - Franciscan1985
Boff, Leonardo & Boff, ClodovisIntroducing Liberation TheologyLiberation Theology, Theology, Theology - Liberation1986
Bolshakoff, SergeWisdom for the Journey: Conversations with Spiritual Fathers of the Christian EastSpirituality - Orthodox2001
BonaventureThe Soul’s Journey into God; The Tree of Life; The Life of St FrancisSpirituality - FranciscanBook19781
Bonhoeffer, DietrichAct and BeingTheology1962
Bonhoeffer, DietrichCreation and TemptationTheology1966
Bonhoeffer, DietrichI Loved This PeopleTheology19662
Bonhoeffer, DietrichLetters and Papers from PrisonBiography, Essays and Letters, SpiritualityReview Click to view19591
Bonhoeffer, DietrichThe Cost of DiscipleshipTheology1959
Bosch, David J.Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of MissionTheology1996
Boslough, JohnStephen Hawking’s UniverseScienceBook19851
Botman, H. Russell & Petersen, Robin M., (eds.)To Remember and to Heal: Theological and Psychological Reflections on Truth and ReconciliationSocial Commentary1996
Boulding, MariaGateway to Hope: An Exploration of FailureSpirituality1985
Boulding, MariaMarked for LifePrayer1979
Boulding, Maria, (ed.)A Touch of God: Eight Monastic JourneysBenedictine Spirituality, Spiritual Direction, Spirituality - BenedictineBook19821
Bourgeault, CynthiaCentering Prayer and Inner AwakeningContemplation, Prayer2004
Bouwsma, William J.John Calvin: A Sixteenth-Century PortraitBiography, Missing books19881
Boyd, MalcolmAre You Running with Me Jesus: Prayers by Malcolm BoydPrayer1965
Brackley, Dean, S.J.Downward mobility: Social implications of St Ignatius’s two standardsIgnatian Spirituality, Spirituality - IgnatianBook19881
Bradley, RitamaryJulian’s Way: A Practical Commentary on Julian of NorwichMysticism1992
Bravo, FranciscoChrist in the Thought of Teilhard de ChardinSpirituality1967
Braybrooke, MarcusFaith & Interfaith in a Global AgeSocial Commentary1998
Brian McLarenFinding our way again: The return of the ancient practicesSpiritualityCD20081
Brown, PeterAugustine of Hippo: A BiographyBiography1967
Brown, R.The Jerome Biblical CommentaryBiblical Commentary1970
Browne, R.E.C.The Ministry of the WordPreaching1958
Broyles, AnneJournaling: A Spirit JourneyFormation, Journaling1988
Bruce, F.F.The Epistles of John: Introduction, Exposition and NotesBiblical Commentary1978
Bryant, ChristopherDepth Psychology and Religious BeliefPsychology1987
Bryant, ChristopherJourney to the Centre: Explorations in the Realm of the SpiritSpirituality19871
Bryant, ChristopherThe Heart in Pilgrimage: Christian Guidelines for the Human JourneyFormation1980
Bryant, ChristopherThe River Within: The Search for God in DepthFormation1978
Bryant, ChristopherJourney to the CentrePrayerBook19871
Buber, MartinBetween Man & ManPhilosophy, Theology1961
Buber, MartinI and ThouTheology19702
Buber, MartinPointing The WayTheology1957
Buber, MartinThe Knowledge of ManPhilosophy, Spirituality1965
Buber, MartinTwo Types of Faith: A study of the interpenetration of Judaism and ChristianitySpiritualityBook19611
Buckley, MichaelSeeking His PeaceSpirituality1977
Buechner, FrederickListening to your Life: Daily Meditations with Frederick BuechnerMeditation, Prayer1992
Bujo, BenezetChristmas: God Becomes Man in Black AfricaSpirituality - African, Theology, Theology - African19951
Bunyan, JohnDie Pelgrim Se Reis Na Die EwigheidSpiritual Classics1945
Bunyan, JohnThe Pilgrim’s ProgressSpiritual Classics1965
Burn, A.E.The Nicene CreedPrayer1913
Burns, JamesThe Christ Face in ArtArt, Iconography1907
Burns, RobertCoping With StressPsychology1988
Burrows, RuthAscent to Love: The Spiritual Teaching of St. John of the CrossMysticism1987
Burrows, RuthBefore the Living GodPrayer1975
Burrows, RuthFire upon the Earth: Interior Castle ExploredFormation1981
Burrows, RuthGuidelines for Mystical PrayerMysticism, Prayer19763
Burt, Donald X.But when you are older…: Reflections on coming of ageAgingBook19921
Butler, GuyThe Prophetic NunBenedictine Spirituality, Church / Church History2000
Byrne, Lavinia, (ed.)Sharing the Vision: Creative Encounters Between Religious and Lay LifeCommunity, Formation, Social Commentary1989
Byrne, Lavinia, (ed.)The Hidden Tradition: Women’s Spiritual Writings RediscoveredFormation, Social Commentary1991
Byrne, TonyHow to Evaluate: A Practical GuideChurch / Church History1992
Cabra Dominican Sisters: Celebrating 150 years of Cabra Dominican Sisters in South Africa 1983 to 2013All … is harvestChurch / Church History20131
Caddy, EileenThe Living WordPoetry1977
Caffarel, HenriBeing Present to God: Letters on PrayerEssays and Letters, Prayer1983
Caldwell, TaylorDear and Glorious PhysicianFiction1959
Callender, AnnPaths Through PainSpirituality1999
Camara, H.Dom Helder: A Thousand Reasons for LivingPoetry1981
Camara, H.Spiral of ViolenceLiberation Theology, Theology - Liberation1971
Camara, HelderRace Against TimeContemplation1971
Camara, HelderThe desert is fertilePoetry, Social Commentary, SpiritualityBook19741
Cameron, JuliaHeart Steps: Prayers and Declarations for a Creative LifePrayer19992
Cammaerts, EmileThe Flower of GrassFormation1944
Campbell, EileenA Fabulous Gift: Inspirations on Silence and SolitudeMeditation1994
Campbell, Roy, (tr.)The Poems of St. John of the CrossMysticism, Poetry1951
Carretto, CarloIn Search of the BeyondMysticism1975
Carretto, CarloLetters from the DesertEssays and Letters, Mysticism19722
Carretto, CarloLove is for LivingMysticism1976
Carretto, CarloSummoned by LoveContemplation1977
Carretto, CarloThe Desert and Beyond / incl Letters from the Desert, In Search of the Beyond, Love is for LivingMysticism1987
Carretto, CarloThe Desert in the CityContemplation1979
Carretto, CarloThe God Who ComesMysticism1974
Carrick, IanCreative Spirituality: Remedy for a World in CrisisSocial Commentary19932
Carthusian, A.They Speak by SilencesSpirituality1996
Casey, MichaelA Thirst for God: Spiritual Desire in Bernard of Clairvaux’s Sermons on the Song of SongsMysticism, Preaching1987
Cassant, JosephA Flower of the DesertBiography1933
Cassidy, MichaelThe Passing Summer: A South African Pilgrimage in the Politics of LoveSocial Commentary1989
Cassidy, SheilaAudacity to BelieveBiography1977
Cassidy, Sheila Sharing the darkness: The spirituality of CaringPastoral Spirituality, Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral, SufferingBook19881
Cassidy, SheilaWhy suffering?Spirituality, SufferingBook19931
Catherine of SiennaThe Dialogue of Saint Catherine of SienaMysticism, Spiritual Classics19251
Catholic Church, Catechism of theThe Catechism of the Catholic ChurchChurch / Church History1994
Cawkwell, TimThe Filmgoer’s Guide to GodFilm2004
Chadwick, HenryAugustineBiography1986
Chadwick, Henry, Tr.St. Augustine: ConfessionsBiography1991
Chapman, Dom John O.S.B.The spiritual letters of Dom John ChapmanFormation, SpiritualityBook19351
Chartham, RobertMainly for WivesSexuality1966
Chesterton, G.K.St. Thomas AquinasBiography1993
Chikane, FrankNo Life of My OwnBiography1988
Chikote, Paul W.Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit: 52 Prayers for TodayPrayer2001
Chivers, ChrisThe Hard Road to GloryReligion, SpiritualityBook20011
Christ, Carol P. & Plaskow, JudithWoman’s Spirit Rising: A Feminist Reader in ReligionFeminist Spirituality, Theology - Feminist1979
Chrysostom, St. JohnOn Wealth and PovertySpiritualityBook19841
Cilliers, PieterPilgrimBiography, SexualityBook20131
Clancy, Thomas Owen and Markus, GilbertIona: The earliest poetry of a Celtic MonasteryCeltic Spirituality, PoetryBook1
Clarke, BobThe Celebration of Freedom: Seeking a Spirituality for these TimesSocial Commentary19932
Clift, Wallace B.Jung and Christianity: The challenge of reconciliationJungian Psychology, PsychologyBook19821
Clitherow, AndrewInto your Hands: Prayer, and the Call to Holiness in Everyday Ministry and LifePastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral2001
Cochrane, J., de Gruchy, J. & Petersen R.In Word and Deed: Towards a Practical Theology of Social TransformationLiberation Theology, Social Commentary, Theology - Liberation1991
Colinese, MaryTake My Hand: And Walk with Me Through LentLenten Reading, Meditation2001
Commin, BobBecoming human: The eucharist & other poemsLiturgy, PoetryBook19991
Commin, BobMeditations on the way of the crossLenten ReadingBook2
Commin, Bob & Stacey, VivSomeone Dreaming UsPoetry19972
Conroy, Maureen, R.S.M.Looking into the Well: Supervision of Spiritual DirectorsSpiritual Direction1995
Consedine, JimRestorative Justice: Contemporary Themes and PracticeSocial Commentary1999
Consedine, JimRestorative Justice: Healing the Effects of CrimeMissing books, Social Commentary19991
Cooper, Judy & Lewis, JennyWho Can I Talk To?: The User’s Guide to Therapy and CounsellingPastoral Spirituality, Psychology, Spirituality - Pastoral1995
Coppleston, F.C.AquinasBiographyBook19551
Cornwell, PeterOn the River’s Edge: Ways into Faith for WaverersFormation1988
Cotter, JimHealing – more or lessHealing, PrayerBook19901
Cotter, JimYes… Minister?Formation, Pastoral SpiritualityBook19921
Courageous SpiritsCourageous Spirits: Voices from Women in MinistryFeminist Spirituality2005
Cousins, EwertBonaventureBiography1978
Cowan, Marian, C.S.J. and Futrell, John Carroll, S.J.The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola: A Handbook for DirectorsIgnatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian19822
Craven, MargaretI Heard the Owl Call my NameFiction1967
Creaven, Fintan, S.J.A Winter and WarmPoetry
Crichton, J.D.Christian Celebration: The SacramentsSpirituality - Sacramental1973
Crosby, Michael H.The Dysfunctional Church: Addiction and Co-dependecy in the family of CatholicismChurch / Church History, Pastoral Spirituality, Spirituality - Pastoral1991
Crudden, AlexanderCrudden’s Complete Concordance to the Old and New TestamentsBible, Missing books19301
Cuenot, ClaudeTeilhard de ChardinBiography1958
Culbertson, Philip L.Counseling MenMale Spirituality1994
Cull, FrancisPsalm 119: A Spiritual Journey Through LentMeditation1998
Culligan, Kevin G.Spiritual Direction: Contemporary ReadingsSpiritual Direction1983
Culligan, Kevin, O.C.D & Jordan, Regis, O.C.D, (ed.)Carmelite Studies: Carmel and Contemplation: Transforming Human ConsciousnessContemplation, Missing books, Spirituality - Carmelite20001
Cullinan, Thomas The passion of political loveSocial Commentary, SpiritualityBook19871
Curtis, Brent & Eldredge, JohnThe Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of GodMissing books, Spirituality19771
Daino, Peter, S.M.Stabat Mater: Noble Icon of the Outcast and the PoorSpirituality - Marian1988
Dales, DouglasCalled to be Angels: An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon SpiritualitySpirituality1998
Dalrymple, JohnLongest Journey: Notes on Christian MaturityFormation19792
Dante, AlighieriThe Inferno: A Verse Rendering for the Modern Reader by John CiardiFiction1954
Davies, OliverGod Within: The Mystical Tradition of Northern EuropeMissing books, Mysticism19881
Day, DorothyThe Long LonelinessBiographyBookReview Click to view19811
Day, MichaelThe Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Theresa of LisieuxBiography, Missing books19511
de Caussade, Jean-Pierre, S.J.Abandonment to Divine ProvidenceMysticism, Spiritual Classics19753
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardHymn of the UniverseMysticism, Philosophy1965
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardLe Mileu Divin: An Essay on the Interior LifeMysticism, Philosophy19571
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardLetters from a TravellerEssays and Letters, Mysticism, Philosophy1962
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardMan’s Place in Nature: The Human Zoological GroupNatural Philosophy, Philosophy, Theology1966
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardOn SufferingMissing books, Mysticism, Suffering19751
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardThe Future of ManMysticism, Philosophy1964
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardThe Heart of MatterMysticism, Philosophy1978
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardThe Phenomenon of ManMysticism, Philosophy19552
de Chardin, Pierre TeilhardTowards the FutureMysticism, Philosophy1974
de Foucauld, CharlesMeditations of a HermitPrayer1930
de Gruchy, John and Prozesky, Martin, (eds.)A Southern African Guide to World ReligionsReligion1991
de Gruchy, John W.Being Human: Confessions of a Christian HumanistMissing books, Spirituality20061
de Gruchy, John W.The Church Struggle in South AfricaChurch / Church HistoryBook19792
De Gruchy, John W. and Everett, William J.Sawdust and SoulSpirituality20151
de Hueck Doherty, CatherineMolchanie/The Silence of GodContemplation1982
de Hueck Doherty, CatherineNot Without Parables: Stories of Yesterday, Today and EternityBiography1977
De Hueck Doherty, Catherine Poustinia: Christian Spirituality of the East for Western ManSpirituality - Orthodox19751
De Hueck Doherty, Catherine Sobornost: Eastern Unity of Mind and Heart for Western ManPrayer, Spirituality19771
De Hueck Doherty, CatherineSoul of my soulPrayer, SpiritualityBook19851
de la Bedoyere, MichaelFrancis: A Biography of the St. of AssisiBiography, Spirituality - Franciscan1962
de la Bedoyere, MichaelFrancois de SalesBiography1960
De Lubac, HenriParadoxes of FaithBiography, Missing books, Spirituality19871
De Lubac, Henri, S.J.The Faith of Teilhard de ChardinBiography1964
De Mello, AnthonyWellspringsIgnatian Spirituality, Poetry19841
De Mello, AnthonyRooted in GodLiturgy, PrayerBook19971
De Mello, Anthony, S.J.Sadhana/A Way to God: Christian Exercises in Eastern FormMysticism, Prayer19841
De Mello, Anthony, S.J.The Prayer of the Frog: A Book of Story Meditations, Second VolumeMeditation19901
De Mello, Anthony, S.J.Wake Up to Life! (12 CDs – disc 4 missing)SpiritualityCD1
de Mello, Anthony, S.J.Call to Love: MeditationsMysticism, Prayer1951
de Mello, Anthony, S.J.The Heart of the Enlightened: A Book of Story MeditationsMeditation, Poetry1989
de Mello, Anthony, S.J.The Song of the BirdMissing books, Poetry19891
De Molinos, MichaelThe spiritual guide which disentangles the soulFormation19501
de Rooy, J., S.J.Tools for MeditationMeditation, Missing books19761
De Saint-Exupery, AntoineThe Little PrinceFiction1995
de Sales, Francis, St.Introduction to the Devout LifeFormation, Spirituality19892
de Sales, Francis, St. & de Chantal, JaneLetters of Spiritual DirectionEssays and Letters, Spiritual Direction19881
de Tourville, AbbeLetters of Direction: Thoughts on the Spiritual Life from the Letters of the Abbe de TourvilleEssays and Letters, Spiritual Direction1939
de Tourville, AbbeLight and Life: Notes and Letters by the Abbe de TourvilleEssays and Letters, Spiritual Classics1961
De Villiers, DesireeRAW: Processing the pain of infidelityPoetry20121
De Villiers, DesireeWoman @ PrayerPrayer20131
De Waal, EdmundThe hare with amber eyesFiction20101
de Waal, EstherA Life-Giving Way: A Commentary on the Rule of St. BenedictFormation, Spirituality, Spirituality - Benedictine1995
de Waal, EstherA World Made Whole: Rediscovering the Celtic TraditionCeltic Spirituality, Missing books, Spirituality - Celtic19911
de Waal, EstherLiving with Contradiction: Reflections on the Rule of St. BenedictFormation, Spirituality, Spirituality - Benedictine19892
de Waal, EstherSeeking God: The Way of St. BenedictFormation, Spirituality, Spirituality - Benedictine1984
De Waal, EstherUnder my roofCeltic Spirituality19901
de Waal, Esther, (ed.)The Celtic Vision: Prayers and Blessings from the Outer HebridesCeltic Spirituality, Spirituality - Celtic19882
Dechanet, J.M.Yoga and GodMeditation1974
Dent, BarbaraMy Only Friend is Darkness: Living the Night of FaithMysticism, Suffering1988
Dewar, FrancisLive for a Change: Discovering and Using your Spiritual GiftsIgnatian Spirituality, Spirituality - Ignatian1988
Dicken, E.W. TruemanThe Crucible of Love: A Study of the Mysticism of St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the CrossMysticism, Spiritual Classics1963
Dodd, C.H.According to the ScripturesBiblical Commentary19521
Dodd, C.H.Parables of the KingdomSpirituality19611
Dominian, JackCycles of AffirmationPsychology1975
Dominian, JackProposals for a new sexual ethicSexuality19771
Donelly, Dody H.Radical love: An approach to sexual spiritualitySexuality19841
Donne, JohnSelections from Divine Poems, Sermons, Devotions and PrayersPoetry, Prayer1990
Doohan, LeonardThe Contemporary Challenge of John of the Cross: An Introduction to His Life and TeachingMysticism1995
Dorr, DonalIntegral Spirituality: Resources for Community, Justice, Peace & the EarthSocial Commentary1990
Dorr, DonalSpirituality and JusticeSocial Commentary1984
Dorr, DonalSpirituality of Leadership: Inspiration, Empowerment, Intuition and DiscernmentSpirituality20061
Dorr, DonalThe Social Justice Agenda: Justice, Ecology, Power and ChurchSocial Commentary19911
Dorsett, Lyle W.Joy and C.S. Lewis: The Story of an Extraordinary MarriageBiography1988
Dougherty, Rose MaryDiscernment: A Path to Spiritual AwakeningDiscernment, Missing books20091
Dougherty, Rose Mary, S.S.N.D.Group Spiritual Direction: Community for DiscernmentSpiritual Direction1995
Dowell, SusanThey Two Shall Be One: Monogamy in History and ReligionChurch / Church History19901
Drewermann, EugenDiscovering the Royal Child Within: A Spiritual Psychology of The Little PrincePsychology, Spirituality1993
Dreyer, ElizabethPassionate Woman: Two Medieval MysticsBiography, Mysticism1989
Dupre, Louis and Saliers, Don E. (ed.) (CHRISTIAN)Christian Spirituality III: Post-Reformation and ModernChurch / Church History, SpiritualityBook19892
Dyckman, Catherine Marie, S.N.J.M. & Carroll, L. Patrick, S.J.Inviting the Mystic, Supporting the Prophet: An Introduction to Spiritual DirectionSpiritual Direction1981
Eberling, GerhardThe naure of faithTheology19661
Ebert, Andrew and Brockman, Patricia, (eds.)Richard Rohr: Illuminations of His Life and WorkBiography, Missing books19931
Eckhart, MeisterGod awaits youMysticismBook19961
Edwall, Pehr, Hayman, Eric & Maxwell, William D., (eds.)Ways of Worship: The Report of a Theological Commission of Faith and OrderMissing books, Theology, Worship19511
Edwards, Tilden H.Living in the Presence: Disciplines for the Spiritual HeartFormation1987
Edwards, Tilden H.Living in the Presence: Spiritual Exercises to Open Your Life to the Awareness of GodFormation19873
Edwards, Tilden H.Sabbath TimeWorship19922
Edwards, Tilden H.Spiritual Friend: Reclaiming the Gift of Spiritual DirectionSpiritual DirectionBook19803
Edwards, Tilden H., (ed.)Living with Apocalypse: Spiritual Resources for Social CompassionSocial Commentary1984
Egan, HarveyWhat are they saying about mysticismBiography, Mysticism1982
Elder, DorothyWomen of the Bible Speak to Women of TodayBible1986
Eldredge, JohnThe sacred romance: drawing closer to the heart of GodMysticismBook19971
Elliott, CharlesComfortable Compassion? : Poverty, Power and the ChurchSocial Commentary1987
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