About CCS


The Centre for Christian Spirituality was established in 1986 by the then Archbishop of Cape Town and Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Mpilo Tutu. Under the leadership of Dr Francis Cull, who served as Archbishop Tutu’s personal spiritual director for many years, the Centre rapidly blossomed into a haven of healing for many ministers and lay people.

The Centre has gradually become more inter-denominational and inter-cultural. Currently it serves an informal community of people from all walks of life. It represents a rich variety of Christian traditions. It offers the opportunity to discover God in new ways – also to embrace His gift of life and to deepen relationships with Him through meditation and contemplative prayer.

Our vision and mission

The Centre see  itself as bringing ‘SILENCE & SOLIDARITY‘ to the world.


“We see the Centre as centres – pockets of hope, spaces or communities of consciousness, of contemplation and action – reaching out across the country equipping people to live deep contemplative lives that transform them and the world around them.

We see the centres coordinated from a central hub, from which resources flow and are drawn. Our centres and this ‘hub’ are both literal – physical spaces – and metaphorical – a core set of beliefs that hold the centres and our work together.

We understand this core – our set of beliefs – to be based on an ancient Christian tradition – a commitment to, an experience and practice of ‘the language of silence’ – also called contemplation or meditation. In this daily silence, we grow in our discernment of God’s calling to us to build a just and inclusive world, and we surrender to that call.

In the natural flow of contemplation and action, we discover our gifts and offerings which we share with the world around us. We see:
• communities and especially communities of young people immersing themselves in contemplation accompanied and inspired by an African-Taize-type style of worship;
• we see people engaged in programmes of contemplation and action that challenge and inspire them;
• we see people on retreats finding solace and nurture in a hungry and lonely world;
• we see people sharing and learning the arts of spiritual direction and discernment;
• we see people transformed through their encounters with our programmes, encouraged to transform their places of work, worship, their relationships and communities.

We see our centres staffed by full-time professionals and volunteers; well cared for and enabled to facilitate the work by using communication technologies that reach out to the centre’s diverse communities, bringing them together in a community that is both real and virtual.

Our vision is of our virtual and real community members daily immersing themselves in the silent and transformational presence of God, sharing this transformation in acts of compassionate justice.

Our mission is to build our community of centres, to enter daily into the silence, to offer our programmes and with God’s grace, to engage in the transformation of the world.


A Board of Trustees representative of different denominations and cultures: This board directs policy and oversees activities. The day to day running of the Centre is taken care of by a director, a part-time secretary and a team of part-time and voluntary workers.
Regular participants and sponsors may become registered members of the Centre. An annual general meeting (AGM) is constituted where the members, staff and Board meet and consult.

Supporting the Centre

The Centre relies on donor funding to cover its operational cost. Should you wish to support us, you may do so via our Givengain profile or by contacting us. Donors that wish to remain anonymous can use the bank details below.

Details of our Bank Account

Account Number: 07 187 017 2
Branch Number: 02-51-09

NPO/ PBO numbers

We’re registered as a Nonprofit Organisation and our Imbadu Men’s Project is a Public Benefit Organisation which means that your contributions for last mentioned could be subtracted for tax benefits. Please make use of last mentioned and thereby also support an innovative project teaching men the language of silence and so assisting them to explore alternative behavior to violence – in society as well as in Pollsmoor Prison.

NPO Registration number 021-503-NPO

PBO Registration number 930-000-753-NGO