Aug 16, 2017

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Do not worry

Do not worry

By Cecile Cilliers

– Matthew 26 : 25-34

‘Don’t worry about tomorrow’, my grandmother used to say, quoting from Matthew. ‘Each day has enough trouble of its own’. Now that I too am a grandmother many times over, not only do I recognise the wisdom of these words of Jesus, but I also realise how much more meaning they have as you grow older.

(It is)’ the little foxes that ruin the vineyards’, we read in Song of Songs, and that phrase has become an everyday saying: It is the small worries that destroy your peace of mind. And all the more so as you age.

Have I left the stove on?
Did I remember to lock the back door?
Where on earth have I put the car keys?
Did the pain make me unwittingly rude to the teller in the supermarket?

And so we brood and fret, until it is not only pain and discomfort that furrows the brow, but worry, endless worry, that etches the unhappy expression on ones face.

Jesus was a storyteller. People, young and old, trailed after Him to listen to his parables. He was a comforter and a good counsellor. He fed his people not only with the miracle of bread and fish, but with the greater miracle of a promised life, a life of loving and caring. Jesus was a healer: Just to touch Him meant a quickened heart. But most of all, He was the Son of God and He knew the hearts of people. He knew just how they longed for a life without worries, with enough food and enough heat and someone to love and be loved by.

That is why, in Matthew 6 his admonition is no pie in the sky comfort. Yes, of course, we can and must rely on God, but it is also a message to us, who have so much to be grateful for, to shed our worries and live a conscious life: Look at the birds, see the lilies, note the grass – and be aware of your neighbour.
Enjoy this beautiful world that God has granted us, and (in the old Quaker command): Try to live simply, that others may simply live.
God grant us that wisdom and that love.


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