Aug 4, 2017

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Launching ‘Silence and Solidarity’

Launching ‘Silence and Solidarity’

The Centre’s book ‘Silence and Solidarity – Celebrating 30 years of the Centre for Christian Spirituality’ has been launched at the Quiet Service of the Stellenbosch community, at Volmoed, Hermanus, and at Erin Hall, Rondebosch, the past week. It was great occasions of get-together, readings and a Taize prayer with two visiting brothers from that community. This beautiful resource with an overview of our history along with prayers and poems are for sale at R250 from Laurie or Sally

Andrew Argent took the pictures:

2017-07-27 11.07.59

Sally Argent, Louise Cull and Geoff Davies at Volmoed.

2017-07-27 11.07.33

Laurie Gaum

2017-07-27 11.08.10

John de Gruchy and Lisel Joubert amongst others

2017-07-27 11.19.53   2017-07-27 11.21.15

Chris Young, Louise Cull

2017-07-27 11.24.12

Sally Argent

2017-07-27 11.29.05

John de Gruchy

2017-07-30 17.21.26

Edwin Arrison

2017-07-30 17.15.34

Laurie, Rondebosch

2017-07-30 17.26.50   2017-07-30 17.30.25

Rowan Smith, Frank Molteno

2017-07-30 17.36.46

Margie Weir

2017-07-30 17.43.30   2017-07-30 17.44.48

Lindsay Wakeford

2017-07-30 17.49.03

Acilia Neale-Shutte reading a poem of Augustine Shutte

2017-07-30 17.51.19   2017-07-30 17.52.08

Bob Commin, Di Donaldson

2017-07-30 17.54.26   2017-07-30 17.57.57

Viv Stacey, Jeremy Routledge

2017-07-30 18.03.31

Cecile Cilliers

2017-07-30 18.11.14

Sally Argent

2017-07-30 18.24.44

Chris Ahrends

2017-07-30 18.21.01

Brothers Norbert and Luc

2017-07-30 18.22.02

Chris, Sally and Laurie

2017-07-30 18.21.11


  1. Lindsay Wakeford says:

    Thank you, Laurie, for an inspired and enjoyable evening.
    you facilitated it beautifully. The book is marvellous, and I am already using it as a resource!

  2. Erna Moller says:

    I got the book a few days ago. What a beautiful piece of work! One can use it in so many situations. Congratulations on a big task well done.

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