May 11, 2017

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Africans rising

Africans rising

Believe that I am in the Father and that the Father is in me; otherwise simply believe because of the evidence of the things you see me doing (John 14)
God is busy doing God’s thing in the world. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is clear that hope is rebellious – it constantly rebels against being suppressed. Yes, there are many attempts to suppress hope, but hope, if it is true hope and not simply optimism, has a way of escaping each new attempt.

We celebrate Africa month during May each year, and during this Africa month, it is important to ask: Where is God working in Africa and amongst Africans? What evidence do we see of God’s work?

It is much easier to list the attempts at hope-suppression on the continent and amongst its people.
This is the first sign of hope: that some people are not simply talking about “Africa rising”, but also about “Africans rising”. Hope is incarnate in African people everywhere, in all those who think of themselves as African.

More and more people are beginning to pray: God bless Africa, guard our children, guide our leaders. There is now an identification with the children since it is no longer simply Africa’s children, but our children.

And no longer are leaders simply seen as the big leader, the political leader. No, leaders are everywhere, in families, in communities, in churches, in NGOs.

Young people are the great channel for God’s work. There is a restlessness amongst the young in Africa, and a spirit of innovation that one can be see everywhere on the continent.

Another channel of God’s work is through the artists, many of them young people. New songs and music is produced all the time. One such new song is “Banana Republic” by Freshlyground.

Faith is in abundance in Africa. And people of different faiths are beginning to break down the walls of ignorance and mistrust amongst them.

Do we see evidence of God’s work in Africa and amongst Africans? Of course we do, as we develop the eyes and the ears to see and hear it. May God’s great work lead us to believe in the one who was welcomed and embraced by Africa, even when he was a young child. But we know, death will never have the last word. Alleluia!

– Edwin Arrison

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