Sep 21, 2016

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Henri Nouwen TODAY

Henri Nouwen TODAY

‘Maybe when we’re closest to the wound, we’re also the closest to beauty. Perhaps the wound is the gift’

These words from Susan Groves’s book Cherishing the Wound perhaps best summarize the life, ministry and writing of Henry Nouwen, the Dutch priest arguably best known for writing The Wounded Healer. Nouwen died unexpectedly on this day 20 years ago. Nouwen so accurately gave expression to the human condition and his own anguish which for him was also connected to his identity as a gay man. As part of our upcoming anniversary celebrations, Riaan van der Merwe will share on November 13th about his travelings in the footsteps of Nouwen.

Look out for “Broken Wholeness/ Holiness – A contemporary encounter with the spirituality of Henri Nouwen”, 17.30, Erin Hall, Rondebosch.

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