Feb 11, 2016

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Carnival & Lent is one poem

Carnival & Lent is one poem

‘die gedig wil die geveg tussen karnaval en lent
in ‘n onbesliste gewapende stilstand op die ou end
in taal besweer /
the poem wants to negotiate the fight between carnival and lent
in an unsettled truce
through language’
– Karnaval en Lent (is een gedig)/ Carnaval and Lent (is one poem), TT Cloete

Through poetry/ creativity/ aesthetics/ art the struggle between the celebration of the Carnival leading up to Lent and the soberness and the suffering of Lent itself, will be settled. This is where there’s a link between aesthetics and spirituality as well offering the possibility of holding these two together… both the celebration and the suffering of our lives simultaneously. May you experience God’s nearness in the Lenten season every step of the way.

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