Apr 29, 2015

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‘Limen’* performance art installation at Artscape

‘Limen’* performance art installation at Artscape

*The Latin word ‘limen’ can be translated as ‘threshold’ and refers to the creative, transitional, in-between space between different positions. Although this marginal experience can be stressful and uncertain, it offers lots of potential for renewal.

What remains when the great themes of Easter are taken out of their specific religious context?


Charlene le Roux with singers Siyabulela Mangaliso and Ricardo Vlotman.

A theodrama as performing arts installation, Limen explored the betwixt-and-between spaces which come to the fore in these themes – that of waiting, wailing and rescuing hope. Limen is a site-specific piece drawing on experiences of illness and suffering, but also of new life, community, spirituality and recreation. As a multidimensional, multisensory and interactive performance, it gives inroads into reflecting on above mentioned universal themes and partaking in them while they are firmly placed within South African context.



Eddie Newman with Siyabulela Mangaliso and Ricardo Vlotman.

Limen was conceptualized in such a way that art, fashion, spirituality, different generations and the environment are in conversation with each other, bridging the threshold so that we all can stand in unison with one another.

Director Riaan Visman brought this unique piece to more than just the stage by offering a journey between different “stations” with three vignettes playing off.
Andile Vellem, Charlene le Roux and Eddie Newman are in the line-up alongside
Siyabulela Mangaliso and Ricardo Vlotman.
Costume design by Shireen Mustapha.



Dancer Andile Vellem in the final vignette inside the Arena.

Limen formed part of Artscape’s first Easter Spiritual Arts Festival and took place in and around the Arena.


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