Apr 8, 2015

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The Energy of Easter into the ‘AHA’ movement

The Energy of Easter into the ‘AHA’ movement

Newly enthused by the resurrection which happens in our lives as it lingers on during Eastertide, perhaps we need a look at an innovative new initiative wanting to inject hope into our South African society:

What does AHA stand for?
AHA means authentic, hopeful action. AHA is normally an expression of surprise. Our country needs an AHA moment and the people who follow the “God of surprises”, through implementing various hopeful actions, can provide such an AHA moment for those who are poor, unemployed and marginalised. In the process, various AHA moments will also be created for everyone as we work together.
Is AHA a church/Christian movement?
Yes, AHA has emerged from within the Christian community but although it is a Christian movement, we are willing to work with people of other faiths and no faith. Individual Christians and others can simply begin to be part of the AHA movement through taking part in the actions and Churches can also give their formal support to the AHA movement and encourage their members to take part in the actions. A statement of support for AHA can be sent to Dr Sipho Mahokoto at sipho@cddc.co.za
How will the AHA movement work?
Every alternative year (2015, 2017, 2019 etc) a provincial indaba or festival of ideas will be held in each province to generate and decide on implementable ideas for action. People in the province will take responsibility for planning this indaba and let Rev Edwin Arrison know about it at earrison78@telkomsa.net
Every other year (2016, 2018, 2020 etc) a National Indaba will be held where once again ideas for action will be discussed, decided upon and implemented. At each of the indabas, reports will be given about which actions have been implemented and whether or not it was successful.
Who will implement the actions?
Some actions will be implemented by individuals and families (eg. if we decide to work towards a tip of R5 for a petrol attendant every time you fill up at a petrol station or if families decide to invite a poor family to their home on a monthly basis); some actions will be implemented by congregations (eg. if each congregation decides to employ a young adult to work in the congregation for a period of 6 months to a year and ask government to supply part of the funding for the young person’s salary); some actions we will ask government to implement (eg. we might want to ask government to start a Special Development Finance Bank to assist small businesses to raise capital) and some actions will be implemented by businesses (eg. businesses will mentor school principals or employ unemployed young adults for a particular period of time so that he/she might gain experience). The ideal actions will be those that can be implemented easily because it is already happening somewhere and can simply be upscaled.
Who should be contacted about this?
The person to contact is Edwin Arrison earrison78@telkoms.net
If I wanted to read more about AHA and its rationale, where can I read this?
Please see http://www.africafiles.org/article.asp?ID=27427 . For a meditation about AHA by its Patron, Prof John de Gruchy, please see http://www.dionforster.com/blog/2015/2/13/john-de-gruchy-devotion-on-authentic-hopeful-action-aha-in-s.html

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