Nov 12, 2014

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New tagline launched with lively discussion

New tagline launched with lively discussion

The Centre’s new tagline ‘Silence & Solidarity’ has been ‘launched’ at a lively panel discussion of three young leaders at our Annual General Meeting. Anda Ngxekana, Chumani Bontsa and Lerato Kobe gave impressions of what they hear from a youth perspective when hearing ‘Silence & Solidarity’ in South African context today.

Both Anda and Chumani have spent three months at the Taize Community in France as part of the Centre’s partnership with Taize to yearly send two young South Africans to Taize. Lerato is a student in the Department Religious Studies and Theology at the University of Western Cape (UWC). They had diverse opinions, but agreed that it is difficult for young people to engage with the notion of silence as they are distracted by technology etc. Lerato felt that it was difficult for people to be silent when concerned about what to eat and that staying quiet can in this case be problematic. Chumani felt young people should take responsibility themselves to use the opportunities offered to them in a democratic South Africa and should not have a mentality of entitlement.

Open discussion followed and the distinction between staying quiet and finding the sacred space within of silence from where to operate, was made. Last mentioned should be the place from where our action come in order to enter into the solidarity which is needed. For young people this could be facilitated by creating safe space. It was mentioned how the Centre’s Imbadu Men’s Project creates such space for juvenile male inmates in Pollsmoor Prison.

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