Jun 1, 2014

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6th Murray-Tutu Conversation on “Endings & Mysteries”

6th Murray-Tutu Conversation on “Endings & Mysteries”

The sixth Andrew Murray-Desmond Tutu Conversation was recently held in Stellenbosch under the theme “Endings & Mysteries”. The prize winners of the Andrew Murray-Desmond Tutu and Andrew Murray Prizes for Christian literature and theology in South Africa, John de Gruchy (for Led into mystery) and Jan du Rand (for Die Einde/ The End), were in conversation with each other.

Prof. De Gruchy stressed that life and death are intertwined. He grappled, amongst other, with the notion of “soul” in his book, which reflects on his faith after his son Steve’s tragic death in a drowning accident in Kwazulu-Natal. He also had to reflect on what we actually mean when speaking about “God”. When dealing with death we’re therefore also busy with how we understand ourselves.

The notion of “hope” gets introduced in Christian faith through the resurrection, but at the end De Gruchy had to answer the question for himself: Do you really believe and in what do you believe?

Prof. Du Rand wanted to hold onto the future having already happened in the present. So writing about “the end things” also deals with the “now”. He said that every great novel deals with life. And he linked onto De Gruchy saying that in the church one finds the “rebirth of humanity”.

A stimulating interaction between the writers and the audience concluded the lunch hour discussion.

On the photo sits Jan du Rand and chair Edwin Arrison while John de Gruchy is talking.

De Gruchy-Du Rand Stellenbosch

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