May 20, 2014

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First of a trilogy of “theodramas” at Centre

First of a trilogy of “theodramas” at Centre

We started with the first in a trilogy of “theodramas” at the Centre over the weekend. This one called “Other” coincided with the World Day Against Homo- & Transphobia which was held on 17 May. It’s intention was to provide a reflection or contemplation around the theme of exclusion and the “othering” of people – through xeno- and homophobia, but also through HIV/Aids stigmatization. These were some of the true stories shared by performers. But there was also installation, performance art, choral music and multi-media. It was an experience finding resonance with many attendants – 65 over the two evenings. At our second theodrama on 27 & 28 June we will reflect on the theme “Fatherless” also linking on to the masculinity work the Centre is doing through the Imbadu Men’s Project (which is mainly run in Pollsmoor Prison).

A few of the reactions received:

“One of the most powerful stagings I’ve seen in a long time” – Fahiem Stellenboom, marketing manager, Baxter Theatre

“It was so beautiful! It was like – world class! There was much love in the space.” – Susan Groves, core process therapist

“Het baie baie gehou van ‘Other!” – Niël le Roux, previous director, Suidoosterfees

“Thanks so much for Friday night’s presentation. We felt very privileged to be there and enjoyed this excellent ‘installation‘ – so much to think about and such honest and vulnerable storytelling. Deeply moving. Keep going!!!” – Robert Steiner, minister, Rondebosch United Church

Make sure not to miss the 2nd in the trilogy – “Fatherless” – on 27 & 28 June 7-8pm, Rondebosch United Church.

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 Photographs by IKE&ANDY – thanks to Isaac and Anda!



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