Apr 30, 2014

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MEDITATION: When everything becomes a homily

MEDITATION: When everything becomes a homily

I was charmed by the definition in the Oxford Dictionary of the word homily.  It reads: a religious discourse which is intended primarily for spiritual edification rather than doctrinal instruction

It may seem a strange way of looking at it, but to me that definition appears to include the possibility that if we are in touch with God, or try to be, everything in the world around us can lead to spiritual edification, though of course not necessarily to doctrinal instruction.  Which does not mean that I am about to embark on a religious discourse, I am merely going to tell a story which illustrates my conviction that everything around us points to God.

An old friend recently took great pleasure in showing me a self portrait drawn by her eight-year old granddaughter.  She had used the usual stick-figure image which children tend to draw at that age, giving herself bright yellow hair and large blue eyes. But she had added a personal touch. Coming from the mouth of her likeness, she had drawn a huge voice-balloon, such as one sees speech represented in comic strip characters.  And in the balloon she had written in large print, I AM HERE!

What an affirmation of self, I thought, what a positive, joyful attitude to life: I am here.  And it set me wondering (always trying to find the homily in everything!), whether we are also HERE, like that eight-year old.

Are we here, on Friday, at the foot of the Cross?  Do we see the sun rise  with Christ on Easter morning?  Are we here, in that moment, experiencing it with every fibre of our being, our yellow hair shining in the sun, our blue eyes fixed on the glorious Resurrection, knowing, loving Christ?

But then, when the ecstasy is over, and we return to the day to day grind, to the sameness of our lives, of our daily routine, do we try to live in every moment, not craning our necks towards tomorrow, but living life to the full, shouting triumphantly:  I am here!

Cecile Cilliers

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