Mar 6, 2014

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The Lenten Journey

The Lenten Journey

As we’re invited to shed our often anxious scurrying around and ease into the way of the cross during this Lenten season, we’ll continue to hold the South African upcoming general elections into the light. As we reflect on leadership and what it takes to not go out too far ahead of the people one is leading, but also give decisive leadership when it’s necessary, we’ll pray for the right leadership for our country and for other countries.

We think of the leadership of countries in our continent like Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya, grappling with issues regarding human sexuality. We pray that leadership will uphold the human dignity of all God’s people and not persecute people for their sexual orientation or gender identity. We pray for leaders that will educate their people and enable them with knowledge and with compassion.

We also pray this for religious leadership in churches and ecumenical bodies, for business and educational leaders and for the leadership of regional bodies, the African Union and the United Nations.

Oh Lord, hear our prayers!

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