Jan 29, 2014

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MEDITATION: There is always hope

MEDITATION: There is always hope

Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer (Romans 12:12)

What our society needs quite urgently as we enter a new year is hope.

However, according to the Catholic writer Albert Nolan, hope has become a scarce article or commodity in our time. According to him the mood of our age is mainly that of despair.

He expresses this observation as follows: “Over the centuries humanity always experienced some form of hope and optimism – politically, economically, scientifically and religiously. But now we all find ourselves in a state of despair. That is our new context. That has become the dominating mood.”

Nolan’s analysis may perhaps be viewed by some as somewhat one-sided and exaggerated. But that we are currently more uncertain about our future, also the future of the earth can no longer be denied. We are even haunted today by the terrible suspicion – as somebody ironically and metaphorically pointed out – that we ourselves are currently cutting down those branches on which we sit and which offer us the necessary stronghold and security in stormy times.

For those who believe in God and in the coming of God’s kingdom – and that is another truth that has also survived the ages – there is however always hope, always windows of opportunities, always new avenues to discover and explore – no matter how hopeless, uncertain and miserable our situation may seem to be.

In fact the Bible is all about stories of hope and redemption, of new life and light, so that Paul can rightfully call us to rejoice in our hope, to be patient in tribulation and constant in prayer (Rom 12:12).

At the beginning of the year we should hold on to this truth. Nothing is ever hopeless.

Carel Anthonissen

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