Jul 2, 2013

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MEDITATION: “It is summertime”

MEDITATION: “It is summertime”

The German paper “Zeit” which appears weekly, contains a very interesting column.

The heading of the column reads: ”Things which enrich my life.” The readers of this particular column are invited every week to tell about things, people or events which make their lives more meaningful and rich.

What people share in this regard makes for fascinating reading. It shows amongst other things that we don’t necessarily need big or impressive things to make us happy and excited. Often an unexpected call or visit, or a single word of encouragement is enough to lighten up our day, to give us new hope for the future.

Like the woman who wrote: “I was totally devastated when my husband, after a marriage of thirty years, left me for his secretary. And then last Sunday my son in law unexpectedly called and invited me over for lunch. This may perhaps sound like something small, but for me at the time it was huge – it made my day.”

Or the woman who told how, while the weather was still freezing cold with rain and snow pouring down, a young man came riding by on his bicycle, heartily singing: “It is summertime.” Ironically enough he was right, because it was already June which for Europe meant: summertime!

And although everything still looked rather glum and dreary, by spontaneously singing his little song, the young cyclist was reminding everybody around him that summer, even though not that visible at the time, had indeed arrived. “And this wonderful and unexpected reminder, coming to me in this rather awkward way, gave me hope,” this woman wrote.

Reading these contributions the thought crossed my mind: would it not be a good exercise to sit down today and, like with this column, recall all those little things or incidents  in your life which make you happy or at least have the potential to enrich your life.

Also to consider what you yourself can do today to let something of a summer break through in other people’s lives.

Even when things around us still look and feel like winter.

Carel Anthonissen

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