Jun 18, 2013

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MEDITATION: The fruit of the Spirit

When I took my car out of the garage on Monday morning, I could feel that something was seriously wrong, which it proved to be – the left front tyre was completely flat.  I phoned for assistance, and about two and a half hours later, my patience by then wearing dangerously thin, a mechanic arrived in his little yellow bakkie, and took a look.
It’s probably just a slow leak, he diagnosed, so he inflated the tyre, and instructed me to drive to the nearest Pit Stop as soon as possible.  Then he insisted on following me there to make sure that I would be alright.
Pit Stop was crowded and terribly noisy with screams of metal against metal and a great banging of hammers to loosen obstinate nuts and bolts.  The young pregnant lass behind the counter apologized for the delay, but shortly after called Mark to please come and help the ‘Tannie’.
I watched while Mark drove my car to a more accessible spot, and started jacking up the left front.  Could I watch?  I asked.  He neither condescended  nor ‘Tannied’  me, but patiently said that Mevrou was welcome to watch, even explaining some of the procedures to me.  Not that that was strictly necessary, I had watched my husband change a tyre many times, had even done it myself, but his kindness and gentleness transformed an old woman into an elderly lady.
It was a very small leak, difficult to detect, and  I stood amazed at his self-control as he kept turning the tyre round and round in the water-bath,  waiting patiently for the tiny bubble to appear which would reveal the tear in the tyre. When at last he found it, he insisted on sharing his joy and pleasure with me.  Look, he said, look !  Here it is !
While I went to pay the young lass for his work, he put a plug into the tiny hole, put the tyre back on the car, and turned my car round to face into the street.  He helped me into the car, and I thanked him for his courtesy and, yes, for his love, toward a customer, a complete stranger.  He did not answer, but smiled at me, and there was peace in his eyes.
I did not ask Mark whether he was a follower of Christ, but clear as apples on a tree, he bore the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23)
Heavenly Father, please allow Thy Spirit to lead us, that we may bear the fruit of the Spirit, this day and every day.

Cecile Cilliers

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