Dec 14, 2012

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MEDITATION: We may switch off the radio

For some strange reason I often feel obliged to listen to the radio or some CD when I take to the road in my car – even when I just have to wait in it for some time.

Like with so many people this habit of listening to the radio often kicks in automatically and without much thought. And it need not be a bad habit. In fact, it offers me the chance to catch up on the news, listen to some interesting programme or debate, or learn about the newest hits on the musical scene.

Recently however I discovered how liberating and enriching it can be to switch off the radio and surrender myself to the sounds of silence. Silence, as we all know, has its own language – one which is not only soothing, but which can deepen our awareness on many different levels.

Silence, first of all, keeps us more keenly aware of our external environment – the many little sounds and incidents that constantly surround us, but which usually escape our attention when we listen to the radio.

These sounds or incidents include things like, the moaning of the wind in the willows, the call of birds in the woods, the majestic roar of the ocean, or just the sweeping sound of waves breaking on a shore, a flower sparkling in the sun, people greeting one another, or just passing by, lost in thought.

There are so many things around us that would like, in their own silent way, to “speak to us”, if only we would allow them.

Most importantly: silence, especially when we travel on our own, allows us to ponder and meditate. It helps us to also listen to our inner voices – the voices of our own thoughts, our dreams, our feelings, our memories, even our conscience.

There are hardly more important voices to listen to than the voices of our own so called inner world. By listening to and by sensing them we keep in touch with our true and more honest self.

Here in the silence of our surroundings and of our own heart, we also allow God to speak to us more clearly. Here the promptings of the Spirit can reach us more easily so that like Job’s friend Eliphaz we may also testify: “Now a word was brought to me stealthily, my ear received the whisper of it” (Job 4:12).

However, this whisper is often only audible when we switch off the radio. Why nor try it?

O Lord, speak to us again today in the silence. Show us you way. Show us your face. Amen

Carel Anthonissen

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