Nov 28, 2012

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MEDITATION: Where we are being touched by God’s love

Not long ago during a retreat with colleagues, a woman testified movingly on what her colleagues’ company and presence meant to her.

Looking them straight in the eyes she told them: “Without you I would have been like one of those leaves that had fallen off and became forgotten. I would have given up. But now with you I feel alive. I know who I am. I even see more clearly what God plans for me in the future. I don’t feel insecure or confused any longer.”

It is indeed a privilege to be part of such a group, such a community where you continuously have the feeling or experience that you are fully accepted, appreciated and affirmed. That even when there are days when you feel down or vulnerable, you may count on it that those around you understand and are prepared to still carry and support you. Because they have become your friends, your spiritual family.

Someone else expressed this feeling of homecoming and acceptance in a different, but equally touching way: “With you I feel that I am constantly being touched by God’s grace and love.”

Reflecting on these moving testimonies it crossed my mind: “Is this not what the church of Christ should be like? Not only a cold building, an institutional bustle or a formal gathering where different kinds of rituals and obligations are expected and performed, but a warm and close community – a space where people know and care for each other; where we no longer live and work only for ourselves, but in particular and notably for and even through the other.”

So that like the abovementioned woman we can also say: ”With you I feel strong and confident, a beloved child of God – but without you I wither and pine away.”

Carel Anthonissen

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